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"The gods wanted to crown their creation and on the last day they turned tears, stars and the sea breeze into the isles of Kornati" - George Bernard Shaw, 1929

Just like Capri in the 1950s, Croatia is becoming a legendary sailing destination. Croatia, the land of a thousand islands and a beautiful, indented coastline, is a haven for boaters.
In the very heart of Europe, the 5000 km Adriatic coastline with its clear seas, untouched nature, gentle summer climate, quaint villages and historic towns offers thousands of safe anchorages and harbours during your sail. It features various pleasant winds – Maestral (Mistral), Bura (Bora), Jugo - ideal for sailing experiences.
Along the coast you can find isolated moorings, as well as modern and well equipped marinas. Besides excellent sailing conditions, what makes Croatian coast ideal is the diversity of scenery, splendid and hidden bays, beaches, cliffs, emerald groves, as well as fantastic diving opportunities.
Croatia is home to 50 marinas with a capacity of over 13200 sea berths and 4500 dry berths. Many of these spots offer top quality traditional cuisine, water and electricity, health care clinics, charter company services, the use of apartments, and electronic monitoring and security services to protect the property and equipment of guests.
There are over 140 charter companies, with a capacity of 2700 comfortably and modernly equipped vessels, operating in Croatia today. The world's largest vessel rental companies also offer their vessels on the Adriatic Sea.
In order to rent a vessel, guests must possess a valid recreational craft license, and must also have a radio certificate (can be obtained in all Port Authorities). Upon renting the vessel, it is necessary to fill out and certify the crew list. All changes to the crew while sailing must be reported to the Port Authority.

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