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Discover past and new Croatia step by step. Rising suddenly and spectacularly beyond the narrow ribbon of coastal cities and rocky beaches, the mountains of Croatia have much to commend them as a walking destination. Ranging from gently sloping, forested hills to rugged tops and limestone crags, and reaching its most spectacular in the massifs, collectively known as the Dinaric Alps. You can also enjoy the mild Mediterranean climate along the beautiful coast. Different characters of the landscape, mirroring the geological and climatic variety of the peninsula: quiet countryside and lonesome coast, flat plains and steep mountainsides, eradicated Karst and dense forests.

Hiking paths are marked with a white dot within a red circle but in more remote areas the markings have worn away or been removed by shepherds. There are a number of mountain huts, especially in the Velebit range, that provide simple but adequate lodging. It's wise to reserve in advance on summer weekends. For availability of huts and more information on hiking in Croatia, contact the Croatian Mountaineering Association.



Croatian Mountaineering Association
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