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Palace Hotel Therapia

Hotel Therapia is a place where the magnificence of the past and the comforts of modern times fuse in harmony.
During the thirties of last century, when Europe was discovering the splendours of life, jazz, sport, dancing and tourism, Hotel Therapia was part of the chain of luxury hotels together with Georg V in Paris and Bayerische Hof in Munich.
Today it offers a romantic holiday with a taste of the past in a town recognised by the pioneers of contemporary Europe as an ideal place for rest and recovery, noting the beneficial effects of the sea, sun and warm sand on human health.
Hotel Therapia has the values of ancient gold and the magic of first love.



Croatia's history and its unique geographical position between the West and the East reflects on the cuisine. The main feature of Croatian cuisine is great variety in a small area. A single type of Croatian cuisine does not exist because each Croatian region has its own cuisine.


Croatia with its diverse nature – thousands of islands scattered across the Adriatic Sea, mountains as well as lakes and rivers is a unique destination for adventurous travellers. Here is just a glimpse of what Croatia offers...



Flights connect Croatia to many European cities. Cheap flights to Croatia are now available from major US and European airports with more airlines flying into Croatian airports every year.


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